Market Outlook — Stimulating Threats

Alright, Pelosi told the GOP they have 48hours to agree to stimulus before the election. Let’s see where this leaves us because with no stimulus entering the election can be a huge hit to the market, especially if the election is contested. Who knows where the two sides will land with all this back and forth this. It almost reminds me of the TikTok drama we faced last month.

With Coronavirus cases at near all time highs in the United States it is time to brace ourselves as it really does seem like all of these negative factors are going to meet at once on Nov 3. Our plan is to hold short delta through Nov 3 whether it is being tested our not. We will begin the week by trimming our long delta little by little as it reaches our price targets.

Oil and natty gas are down and all other futures are up with mixed overnight markets. It looks like we are going to start the day off green but, where will we land? I think with more positive earnings and big anticipatory earnings coming we should see the market make a gradual move upward until Nov 3. Don’t forget to check out our trading community.